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I liked the ending of the show very much.
Despite all ups and downs Lilly and Marshall kept sticking together, which lead them to succesful career and family life.
Robin's devotion for her job resulted in divorce with Barney. That's understandable. She has always been a workaholic and Barney is a big child. They're relationship was fun but there was no devotion in it unless you count Barney not having sex with every woman in NY.
In the end he too grows up the only way he could - by meeting a child of his own, by being a father to a girl.
Ted doesn't grow up. No doubt about that. He's still a "romantic" whiny ass who just gets what he wants (sorta), loses it, but finds a way to get something else he always wanted. This also explaines the narration within the whole show very much.
Robin gets her happy ending as well. She is given the opportunity to be with someone she can love without hurting him or herself.

Honestly I admit I would be happier to see Ted just halucinating about having kids, since I believe no woman deserves to be a incubator for self-centered jerk especially for the rest of her unfairly short life, but I think it was a very sincere, very good ending unlike last few seasons.

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